The sixth sense – Mind

We sure are familiar with the 5 senses which we commonly used to gather empirical data. We can use even just one of these senses to prove that one exists e.g. You heard a loud sound, even if you did not see, touch, taste, and smell what you just heard, you know that something occurs because of that sound.

What is my point? You know that something exists if you can sense it even if you used only one of your senses. As in the picture, the mind can be considered as the sixth sense since it can perceive thoughts that originate from within itself i.e. abstract ideas and intuitions that even without the other senses, you can know that something is true using only your abstract reasoning. Einstein used this sixth sense in his thought experiment postulating theories that were later on proven to be true.

Having said the above, proving the existence of God lies within the sixth sense, not within the typical 5 senses. The bible also is clear that God is Spirit cannot be seen at any time (1 Tim 6:16, John 1:18). If you ever touch, heard, feel, and see God, this is in the context of the sixth sense e.g. Even if you’re deaf you can hear him. Even if you’re blind you can see God, this is because God’s nature is pure consciousness that taps directly to our consciousness but not imposing so that you are not obligated to follow.

I know that deep inside every human regardless of belief, there is this inner voice that innately tells you to reflect the fruit of the spirit, which are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Gal 5:22-23). A true atheist will rebel against this voice, thus manifest the opposite of the latter. If you do this, you are a true atheist.

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God is Life with a Transpersonal Mind

Let me introduce to you the God in the bible fully known through the Son.

God in the bible is LIFE with a transpersonal mind. All other descriptions i.e love, spirit, light, invisible are pointing to the nature or essence of LIFE. Since this involve consciousness that science are not built to grasp, I justify this by a form of inference to the best explanation which of course is subjective, thus may not be agreed by others.

John 17:3 says ETERNAL LIFE is the only true God. In Eph 4:6, it says, He is in all of us. In Gen 6:3 it says, the spirit in man is God’s spirit. In 1 Tim 6:16 it says, He alone lives in unapproachable light, no one has seen or can see, also in John 1:18 says, no one can see God except the Son. This is the SPIRIT or LIFE that was shared to us in Gen 2:7– the breath of life, which we call human spirit, this is the one animating us but impersonal towards our choices, so that we have the power to choose but liable to it.

In analogy, you are kinda like a complex computer who can think of your own. You are composed of hardware (body) and operating system (soul), this is who you are. But for you to function and be alive, you need one thing, that is electrical current (spirit), this electrical current is the life in you that is impersonal towards your choices so that your becoming is your own doing. If you smashed a computer, the current in it is not really affected and it simply returns to the source, just like a human that when he dies, the spirit return to the source (Ecc 12:7), but in the bible, there is a chance that when the hardware (body) dies, the electrical current (spirit) can still stay in the operating system (soul) even without the hardware (body). That’s if you are worthy of that electrical current (spirit), that is part of the One Spirit called in the bible as ETERNAL LIFE or Father.


The plant that produces electrical current is just a channel of what is already present in nature, our very nature has its natural current.

It’s the same when you get a water, the faucet where you get water is simply a channel of water, you get water from water through a medium that is a faucet.

The same concept in the bible, the Son is the channel of LIFE, you have life that came from the very LIFE itself through a medium called in the bible as Son.

Remember, you cannot give what you don’t have, since life was given, then it must be that the source is the very LIFE itself, this is the God in the bible, the only true God- Eternal Life whose highest name was inherited by the Son, so that the name of the Son is the name of the Father, and when you know the Son, you know the Father. Kinda like you see a mango fruit, by knowing the fruit named as mango, then the tree must also be a mango tree.

Read here about the name of the Father was given to the son.

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Did the Father in the bible kill His only Son?

Nope, He sends his Son to save the world. Who killed the Son were the sinner since the Son would not be killed if they choose Jesus instead of Barabbas. Although this was meant to happen, sinners who choose Barabbas over Jesus have a big part in it, as they were not forced or obligated to choose what they had chosen.

Again, this is in parallelism with the old since it was said to be the shadow of things to come (Col 2:17, Heb 10:1). In the old, when they sacrifice a lamb for their sin, the one who killed the lamb were the one who sins.

“If someone brings a lamb as their sin offering, they are to bring a female without defect. They are to lay their hand on its head and slaughter it for a sin offering at the place where the burnt offering is slaughtered.” Leviticus 4:32-33 NIV

The above is a shadow of Jesus Christ, but why female though? It’s because the Christ was said to be the wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:24), and wisdom is generally personified as feminine (Proverbs 1:20. Without defect, because Jesus did not commit any sin (1 John 3:9)

You might ask, why is wisdom usually personified as feminine? Because if you have one, it’s like a wife to you, it is there to comfort, motivate, and encourages you. If you are not blessed with it, you tend to be in despair worrying things that you are not supposed to worry about.

So why is He not killing his Arch Enemy? Because God loves His Enemy, not that He encourages them to do their deeds, but He loves them that He still gives the chance of redemption, remember the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32).

But why was God cruel to his enemy in the old testament?

All past events narrated in the bible were necessary pathways so that the future which includes the birth of Christ will happen.

Do you know what is the butterfly effect? Let’s put it this way, one action will create a series of causation that will eventually lead to a future, but then, you have to calibrate an action from the beginning to lead you to the future you like.

The Father from the beginning has a specific goal, that is for a Christ or the humanity of the Son to be born in the future, but to do this without intervening as much as possible with the will of humans, the only path that was seen was through the Hebrew people, all action in the past is not per se the doing of the Son but merely following the instruction of His Father to finally get to the future intended.

If a single event that happened in the past concerning Hebrew people did not happen, it will result in a different pathway that will lead for the Christ not to be born.

Have you watched infinity wars? There is a scene in that movie where Dr. Strange foresaw the future in a million scenario, only one leads them to win and it started by giving the time stone, this action creates causation that eventually leads them to win. It’s the same idea, every action in the past, whether it was brutal or whatever is a necessary action for Christ to be born in the future.

In Col 1:16-17, it says creation was made for the Son, if the Son was not born in His humanity, the whole creation becomes meaningless, but this was done in consideration with the free will of humanity, so that, whatever happened in the past was also a choice of humanity, not entirely blameless.

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Does Transpersonal Mind Underlies the Material World?

Atheism is simply a disbelief in god. God is a label invented by men to call someone or something that is incomprehensible and beyond human control.

In ancient times, this label was used by man to call the sun, storm, lightning. As time progress, men were able to understand what causes these natural phenomena, thus the label god slowly diminish. 

For example:

In ancient times, people believe that lightning was caused by God if not God itself. They have no other way of explaining it at that time, today man explains it to be an electrical discharge caused by imbalances between storm clouds and the ground. If you ask further what causes the imbalance between storm clouds and the ground, a man also has an answer to it, if you ask some more what causes the phenomena that cause an imbalance between storm clouds and the ground, a man probably still has the answer. This goes on and on in a constants search for an answer, but as the search progresses, the man seemingly starting to realize that beneath of it all, there is a conscious mind who started it all. An Atheist does not have to call it God. They can label it whatever they want like i.e conscious eternal life, conscious mind, etc, but it cannot be denied already that someone conscious started the material world we live in today, which creates a series of natural causation that eventually leads for you to be born. 

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Is the reality a construct of our brain?

Every concept is shaped by our mind. Biblically, God is not seen or cannot be seen, His communication towards man is through spirit, by biblical definition, the spirit is something that has no flesh and bones and cannot be seen. Words are spirit, the concepts in our head are spirits, emotions are spirits, our thoughts are spirits, what we see in reality that is visible through our naked eyes are simply the manifestation of these spirits.


Building– it started as a concept, a construct of our brain, then we physically construct it, here, we now see its manifestation. The evidence that building exists is the physical manifestation of it.

Wisdom– this is a conceptual constructed by our brain- a spirit, you can physically see this when someone manifests it.

God– He is Spirit in the bible, this is the very LIFE itself, but this life when in humans is impersonal to his choices so that humans can be who he wants to be by the choices he makes, the manifestation of LIFE is us- humans, that is why the evidence that God exists is none other but us, but though we are the manifestation of LIFE, not all manifest its essence. Essence is the Holy Spirit, this to the character of ETERNAL LIFE which was shown perfectly by Christ.

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What is Hell in the bible?


I realize that most Atheist and Agnostics seems to be turned off with the idea of hell, thus against most religion who make money out of selling the idea that if you don’t believe and love in God, you are likely going to hell, which to most means eternal punishment.

While I share their disgust about this kind of religion, before you reject the bible where hell was mentioned, give time to analyze what is really “hell” in the bible.

Hell is gehenna, it’s generally referred to as a place where suffering and death happens. When one goes to hell, what it really means is that the person experience or go to the place where he is tormented and eventually dies, so it simply refers to suffering which will lead to death, and one way or another every human will experience death, thus death is a given but hell is not.

Now, I understand that the sell-out of religious people is that, if you don’t love God, you are likely going to hell, but before you reject this statement, contextualized it first. What is God to begin with? Why is not loving God will result in hell? Is this a threat or a natural fact that will happen should the condition is not meet?

Biblically, God is ETERNAL LIFE, this is the only true God the Father as according to John 17:3. In Eph 4:6 it says, the Father is in all of us, so part of LIFE is in us human, this is the one we call human spirit or the life force that animates us. Now, in the bible, all laws hang in this two principles, (1) Love God with all your heart soul and mind (2) Love your neighbor as your self. But then God is LIFE, so to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind is actually loving LIFE with all your heart soul and mind. Then, here comes the second principle which is loving your neighbor as yourself, because LIFE which you love is present in yourself and in your neighbor, so when you love LIFE, you then proceed to love yourself and your neighbor too. So basically, the whole point is to take care of LIFE. Now, what will happen if you disregard life which is in you? Well, you tend to abuse yourself, make un-smart choices that could eventually harm your life, and harm your neighbor either physically or mentally. If you keep doing this, eventually, the consequence of this action will catch up on you which will result in sufferings, here, you are now experiencing hell.

So as you can see, the phrase that if you don’t love God you are going to hell is simply stating a natural fact and not a threat.

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Are agnostics and atheist undogmatic?

Dogmatic as per definition is inclined to lay down principles as undeniably true.

This is very common to believers, in spite of no evidence or lack thereof, they believe that what they believe is undeniably true, but are non-believer like atheist and agnostics really believe only when undeniable evidence is presented, thus undogmatic?

A further critical investigation was conducted. See here

It was reported that non-believer (atheist and agnostics) alike were lower is self-reported dogmatism, meaning, if you ask them directly, atheist and agnostics are fast to claim that they are undogmatic, thus lower in self-reported dogmatism.

However, they were found to be higher in intolerance of contradiction and myside bias.

In terms of Intolerance of contradiction, when directly studied, instead of low, they seem to be high in the endorsement of contradictory statements.

Myside bias occurs when people evaluate evidence, generate evidence, and test hypotheses in a manner biased toward their own prior opinions and attitudes. While atheists tend to claim or self-report that they will change view once presented with proper evidence, when directly studied, the opposite happens since they reported high in my side bias tendencies.

So what does this study entails or conclude? Well, atheist and agnostics seem to be all talk only in claiming to be undogmatic, but when directly studied, they are the ones who tend to endorse contradiction and high in myside bias. Religious believers seem to better perceive and integrate diverging perspectives.

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The Creation Story

Earth in Gen 1:1-2 was not really referring to our earth, it refers to matters that are the substance of the land surface which are shared by all planets including the sun. It is said that Mercury, Venus and Mars contain substances i.e iron and nickel and other heavy elements that can also be found on Earth, even sun is said to have an iron, suggesting that, in the beginning all planets and stars are one- a whole chunk of earth.

In Gen 1:2. This chunk of earth or this collection of dense mass was void or empty, a dense matter that has totally nothing in the surface, shapeless or formless. This is submerged in a seemingly dark liquid form kinda like a nucleoplasm surrounding a nucleus which is a basic building block of matter.

Now, this mass of earth or this so called singularity which is a dense collection of energy expanded due to the light that was produced in Gen 1:3, this expansion resulted from a single to divisions of dense energy which later on becomes galaxies in the vast universe, of course this include our solar system.

Take note that the days in this creation were not really a literal day but a division of a process by process creation which was needed for the next phase of creation.

In 2 Peter 3:8, 1 day to the Lord is LIKE a thousand years. Does it mean that 1 day = 1000 years? The text says ‘one day is like [or as] a thousand years’—the word ‘like’ (or ‘as’) shows that it is a figure of speech, called a simile, to teach that God is outside of time (because He is the Creator of time itself). In fact, the figure of speech is so effective in its intended aim precisely because the day is literal and contrasts so vividly with 1000 years—to the eternal Creator of time, a short period of time and a long period of time may as well be the same. Meaning, a day to the lord may range from day 1 to billion years.

Going back still on the first day, every mass of earth or the division of dense energy has there own illumination due to the light that was produced in Gen 1:3. The heaviest of them were placed in the center creating a warped in space, and creating a perfect system where all lesser mass revolves around the center balancing each other so that a mass of earth or planet will not move or hit the center rather will keep rotating around it.

On the second day, the creator cause to divide the water that surrounds every planet. Kinda like in a nucleus, the nucleoplasm was divided into 2 from the center. The top surface over time developed to become protection on the inner layer of the earth, the bottom surface becomes the oceans of the earth. Our planet which we call earth was located on a perfect spot to balance the heat and cold and a perfect location for life.

On the 3rd day, the creator put some vegetation to the earth, now remember that for plants to survive it needs photons, not necessarily from the sun but of any light that produces photons, remember that when the creator caused the land of mass to expand subdividing it through a light, this light somehow remains in each planet, meaning, initially, planets have their own illumination kinda like stars we see at night enough for plants to get their sustenance. Plants were made to grow on this day prior to any creatures because plants produces oxygen, which is a pre-requisite for the next phase of creation.

On the 4th day, the creator created the sun by transferring all the illumination of each planet to the center, here, the sun becomes the brightest among all the masses in our solar system providing lights to all the planets, the moon channel this light during night time.

Then, the 5th day, this is where the earth finally became viable for creatures to live on earth, living creatures in water were made to appear.

And, on the 6th day, land creatures were made to appear and last are humans. It’s like everything was made first for humans ton dominate.

On the 7th day, the creator rested, the rest is history.

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What is Pentecost in its true essence?

Jewish feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) was primarily a thanksgiving for the firstfruits of the wheat harvest, but it was later associated with a remembrance of the Law given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai.

Pentecost- It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and other disciples following the Crucifixion.

Pentecost means “fiftieth day”, According to Eckartshausen, 50 is the number of “the spiritual ascension to the intuition, the number of the illumination”.

The practice of Jewish was also to commemorate the law given by God, remembrance of His law.

In the bible, it is said that that Holy Spirit will let you remember the word of JESUS (John 14:26). So, in the day of Pentecost, when Holy Spirit descent, in essence, they remember the true meaning of JESUS words, it was so overwhelming that they speak in other languages, this is a time of illumination, thus, the fiftieth day or Pentecost.

So, in true essence, Pentecost really means a time of illumination or the finding the true wisdom, this is the true meaning of Pentecost.

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The Number Zero

Among real numbers, Zero is the most powerful. Usually, a zero means that there is nothing, but it’s actually a number of absolute power. It can nullify any number or take everything away from it. What makes money powerful is not the number behind it but the number of zeros in front of it-  From THE KING Eternal Monarch

Zero symbolizes the Father, His first is the Son who inherited His name. If we put that in number, the Father and Son is “01” where ZERO is the Father and ONE is the Son. This number can also be written as simply 1 without the zero, it has the same value as 01.

In the bible, it is said that the Father is invisible (1 Tim 6:16, John 1:18) and Son (Col 1:15) is the visible Image, much like “1”, all we can see is that number “1”, but actually, zero is with Him always just not seen since 01 is the same as 1.

Now, when the Son uses the wisdom, power, and authority of the Father, the Son becomes extremely powerful, much like “1” if you put zero in front of “1”, it becomes 10 times powerful, and if you add more zero, it becomes 100 times more powerful and so forth.

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